Wood Pellet Silos

Tunetanken Wood Pellet silos are optimal storage solutions for wood pellets. Our silos are customised to meet specific requirements for handling and storing wood pellets. Tunetanken Wood Pellet Silos are produced in glass fiber-reinforced polyester, a solid and durable material that is naturally insulating and resistant to climatic influences, etc. The material secures the tanks a long life cycle and, thereby, provide you with a great investment.

Tunetanken Wood Pellet Silos are fully moulded without internal bolted joints. The smooth internal surfaces and cone shape specially designed for modern wood pellets secure easy and efficient discharge. Smooth internal surfaces secures an easy cleaning of the silo and prevents accumulating content. The naturally insulating material and effective ventilation create a dry environment, minimise the risk of condensation, resulting in dry wood pellets and effective heating. Tunetanken Wood Pellet Silos can be customised to meet your requirements for equipment and colour choice to ease the work flow as well as to make the silo fit into its new surroundings.

We combine our expertise and high demands for quality together with the most modern composite materials, in order to produce enduring Wood Pellet Silos, which provide not only a secure storage solution, but are an investment into your future.

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  • Supply pipe with large bend and large radius.
  • Ventilation leading to 1,5 m above ground.
  • 2 manholes, placed in top and wrap.
  • Grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Corrosion resistance securing long life cycle.
  • Fully moulded solution in glass fiber providing a closed silo.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and optimal discharge.
  • Insulating construction minimizing condensation.
  • Without internal joints to prevent accumulating wood pellets.
  • Large form programme.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Density: 0,65.
  • Polyester: Adjustable to storage of wood pellets.
  • Standard color: grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Level measure and weighing equipment.
  • Supply pipe in composite or galvanized, stainless or acid-proof steel.
  • Insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber covers.
  • Can be provided with a skirt for protection of bottom outlet and electronic equipment.
  • Dust sampler attached to ventilation.
  • Customisable color according to RAL color card.
  • Supply: Supply pipe with large bend and large radius.
  • Ventilation: Separate ventilation pipe leading to 1,5m above ground.
  • Manhole: Ø 500 with packing and cover. Placed at the top with wrap.


VarietyVolumeContentDiameterTotal heightFree heightNumber of legs
T4040 m³26 t3000 mm9300 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T5050 m³32,5 t3000 mm10750 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T4,54,5 m³2,9 t2400 mm4290 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T66 m³3,9 t2400 mm4600 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T88 m³5,2 t2400 mm5090 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T1010 m³6,8 t2400 mm5600 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T1313 m³8,4 t2400 mm6100 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T1616 m³10,4 t2400 mm6760 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T2121 m³13,7 t2400 mm7860 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T2626 m³16,9 t2400 mm8970 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T3232 m³20,8 t2400 mm10420 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T4040 m³26 t2400 mm12065 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T6060 m³39 t3000 mm12130 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T7070 m³45,5 t3000 mm13540 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
T7575 m³48,8 t3000 mm14255 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
T8080 m³52 t3350 mm12970 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
T9090 m³58,5 t3350 mm14100 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
T100100 m³65 t3350 mm15240 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
T110110 m³71,5 t4000 mm13040 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
T120120 m³78 t4000 mm13830 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
T130130 m³84,5 t4000 mm14630 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
T140140 m³91 t4000 mm15430 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
T150150 m³97,5 t4000 mm16230 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.

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