Small Outdoor Silos

Small Outdoor Silos with a FullFlow system ensure high fodder quality.

A Small Outdoor Silo, at its core, may come across as a simple product – but then again, not! It must meet a number of requirements:

  • Silo must be easy to install in accordance with the current regulations, and it has to be leveled.
  • Silo must continuously maintain a high level of hygiene.
  • Silo must be strong and robust.
  • Silo must be dimensionally stable at both high and low temperatures.
  • The silo must be easy to inspect and monitor.

Tunetanken Small Outdoor Silos are of the highest quality. Our Small Outdoor Silos are made of a fiber-reinforced composite material. A unique material that is also used in the manufacturing of highly strained products such as windmills, ships, airplanes, bridges, etc.

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  • Cyclone.
  • FullFlow bottom outlet.
  • Blow-in pipe.
  • Steel stand.
  • Rain collar.
  • Fully moulded silo without bolted joints.
  • Smooth inner surfaces ensure a dynamic mass flow and thus a high fodder hygiene.
  • Easy cleaning of the silo.
  • Temperature resistance -/+ 100º/90º C.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame.
  • Produced in composite – robust, corrosion resistant and insulating material that prevents condensation.
  • The cyclone ensures ventilation of the media during filling, which minimises the risk of condensation.
  • A large ventilation area protects the silo from overpressure when blowing the media in.
  • Blow-in pipe and a bending with a large radius.
  • Rain collar over the outlet diverts the rainwater from the silo thus protecting screw conveyor and fodder machine.
  • Standard colour: Grey-White (RAL 9002).
  • Fully moulded cone with a 62,5˚ slope together with the FullFlow bottom outlet ensure complete emptying.
  • Small Outdoor Silos can be delivered in all RAL-colours.
  • Exhaust air can be led to terrain, which keeps the silo and surroundings free from dust.
  • Manhole.
  • Electronic level sensor.
  • Level indicator stripe.


ModelVolumeContentDiameterTotal heightFree heightMaterial
FC44,5 m³2,9 t2400 mm4290 mm540/520 mmComposite
FC66 m³3,9 t2400 mm4600 mm540/520 mmComposite
FC88 m³5,2 t2400 mm5090 mm540/520 mmComposite
FC1010 m³6,8 t2400 mm5600 mm540/520 mmComposite

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