Decentralised Salt Silos

Tunetanken Decentralised Salt Silos are complete storage and supply solutions for decentralized and strategical location for filling up spreaders. Decentralised Salt Silos are easy to load from trucks with e.g., grab crane or screw conveyor due to their large supply shaft. Discharge from silos when they are to be filled up happens through Ø300 mm. bottom discharge.

Decentralised Salt Silos are primarily produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, which is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The material is, moreover, resistant to the caustic salt, which provides the silos with a long and functional life cycle. Decentralised Salt Silos can be customised for storage and mixing systems for saline solution.

Our silos have smooth internal surfaces and a fully moulded design, which makes the salt slide easily and prevents accumulation. It also makes the silos easy to clean and allows for a high level of hygiene.

The special developed design and durable material secure a hermetically sealed storage solution that both minimises waste as well as eases handling of the salt. Decentralised Salt Silos are always customised to meet your operation conditions for equipment, supply and discharge.

We combine our expertise and high demands for quality together with the most modern composite materials in order to produce enduring Decentralised Salt Silos which provide not only a secure storage solution, but are also an investment into your future.

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  • Hinged and fully open cover.
  • Bottom discharge with hand operated bulkhead Ø300 mm.
  • Roller for loosening salt lumps into grains.
  • Rain collar above bottom discharge.
  • Ladder fittings.
  • Mount made in hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Corrosion resistance secures a long life cycle.
  • Chemical resistance towards caustic salt.
  • Insulating composite material, which minimises condensation.
  • Simple and easy mount allows for a movable silo.
  • Broad form programme and custom made sizes.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Fully moulded silo without internal joint secures that the salt can slide through the silo unhindered.
  • Density: 2,16 (sodium chloride).
  • Standard colour: Grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Level measure or weighing equipment.
  • Hoisting system for cover.
  • Supply pipe in composite or galvanised, stainless or acid-proof steel.
  • Rain collar deflecting rain away from silo and discharge.
  • Extra free height.
  • Ladder with back scratchers for safe ascent.
  • Customisable colour according to RAL colour chart.
  • Supply: Ø1600 mm. supply shaft with hinged cover.
  • Discharge: Bottom discharge Ø400 mm.
  • Loading bellows with manual grinder.


Volume/tonDiameterTotal heightLoading heightFree heightDistance
6 m³ / 12,9 ton2400 mm6200 mm4550 mm1670 mm2781 mm
8 m³ / 17,3 ton2400 mm6700 mm5005 mm1670 mm2781 mm
10 m³ / 21,6 ton2400 mm7200 mm5474 mm1670 mm2781 mm
12 m³ / 25,9 ton2400 mm7600 mm5927 mm1670 mm2781 mm
16 m³ / 34,5 ton2400 mm8500 mm6807 mm1670 mm2781 mm
18 m³ / 38,8 ton2400 mm9000 mm7260 mm1670 mm2781 mm

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